Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3

Sounds like you and Blake had a lot of fun with all the DC stuff!  I want a burger so bad!  I'm craving mac and cheese and Mexican food but mostly mac and cheese. Weird right?  Cheese here is super expensive for a missionary,  and they don't sell mac and cheese -  only noodles and packets of cheese.  Also milk here is fake.  It's all in cardboard cartons and I buy a carton for 1.72 reals -  so its cheap. Then I put chocolate in it to have chocolate milk in the mornings.  I also buy cakes in these tiny packets and mix with milk and they're pretty good.  I love juice.  I buy juice packets so I always have juice for the week. It's pretty sweet.  That's funny how my room still looks exactly the same.  Did you guys figure out how to work the Gamecube?  Just plug in the black wires into the box that has other wires.  Well that´s as best as I can explain it so good luck!   I'm sending you guys more letters this week so hopefully you can get letters from me every week. 

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