Monday, October 20, 2014

Eu quero tacos October 20, 2014

Monday:  Had lunch with President and Sister Wright in Porto Alegre. We went and picked up our district leader's companion and he is from Mexico.  Man, does he speak fast! Then we went back to our house. The bus ride is about 2 and a half hours - it was a good opportunity to take a nap.  We visited a family that was recently baptized and made a cake for their six year old son to celebrate his birthday. It was fun to visit them and to help them out.

Tuesday:  We walked around and found a lot of new people to visit. We found a man named David and he told us he would like to go to church.  At the end of the lesson he told us to pray for him so that he would be able to go. 

Wed. We went and visited this group of people sitting on the sidewalk, and a girl named Tracy said that she had been to church before and liked it a lot. So this week we are going to try and help her go again.

Thurs. We went and tried to visit two girls named Aline and Patricia but Aline was in the hospital with a fever or something and so no one was home for the rest of the week. We also tried to visit Philipe who had been in a coma for three months, after suffering an accident,t and told us that he loved church but was out of town for the week. 

Friday: We visited another family who was recently baptized and they love us! They are super cool they always give us food and the grandma always says I'm gaúcho dude!  Then we drink lots of chimarrão together. The twelve year old son Jan already has a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and is doing super great. We also then found out that Doritos makes cheese sauce which I thought didn't exist here in Brazil, and so we bought Doritos and had nachos! 

Sat. It rained since Wednesday and on Saturday it was still raining!  We went on a division with two boys of 14 years and taught some lessons. Then as we were about to leave we went to a very poor house and I started to teach him about baptism and then he started telling us how he didn't want to go to church because he didn´t want to tell people about his situation.  I then bore a testimony that the only thing he would do at church would be to feel the love that God has for him. That this is a church with a prophet and 12 apostles. And that I was called to teach you these things. Then I paused and it went completely quiet and then I said this is my testimony that I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Then he told us that we are always welcome to return and that he will start to think about going to church. I looked at the boy named Nathan and said what did you think of that lesson?  He just smiled and said it was good. I then told him that bearing a testimony of the things that we know will always be more powerful than any lesson we have to offer. 

Sunday: We had a baptism for a boy named Aliandro  - the brother of the little boy of whom we made a cake and it was a great spiritual experience because now everyone in his family is a member of the church.  Now we are going to help stregthen them so that they never fall away. 

Lunch with some members who are awesome

Doritos and Doritos cheese sauce!

 The baptism of Aliandro and his family.

the picture of the family 
Left to right
Eliandro, Aliandra,Elisanjela(the mom), Joseph the 6 year old, Belo, and their cousin Jackson 

o batismo e com photo com train

haha okay I´ll give you names of everyone!
IN the train picture my companion is the guy next to me his name is elder Hortêncio 
In the doritos is a brand new elder named Elder Alvares who is from Mexico and today is his 13th day on the mission!
IN the train picture the guy on the far right is elder Cordeiro 

October 13, 2014

That"s exciting about the beach house! And that"s funny that all the stuff in my room just got moved! Haha almost made it to the one year mark! I met Sarah before Nick left for his mission -  her cousin is Taylor who is in Mexico. That's awesome that she´s with the Hintzes right now -  that´s problaly alot of fun!   When do Courtney and Emily come home?  It's around Christmas time right?  Tell Amanda I say that she´s going to do awesome and that the langage will come with time!  The first six weeks are the hardest because you won´t understand everything but just be patient and it with time you will start to understand what is going on!   It's funny that you guys are already planning when i´ll come home!   The time does go by fast so that good. Two years ago I was starting my last year of high school.  Good times. 

This week was awesome!  I arrived in my new area called Rio Pardo.  It's a super poor area but awesome. The members here are cool and very nice. Also, I'm the senior missionary now and my companion only has been 3 months on his mission.  So I'm teaching him the ways of Elder Barrus. I bore my testimony on Sunday as well to introduce myself. We worked super hard. More in this week than in any other time on my mission. So we found a great family the mom was a member but her children weren't so we baptized the two children. Also we found a man named Philipe and he went to church with us and we gave him the Book of Mormon and he wants to go be baptized this coming Sunday.  So hopefully it all works out well!   Also I have a crazy girl named Brenda -  she told me that she would only be baptized if I agreed to live with her and then she followed me to my house and tried to kiss me!  Haha it was crazy!  She is 17 and likes Americans so that was interesting!  Haha.  But all in all I like this area a lot.  The members want to help us and I´ve taught with them during the week. I feel like I can really help a lot of people here in this area and that a lot of people here are waiting to be baptized. It"s definitley cool to be a senior missionary now and be the one to say where we need to go and what we need to teach.

A baptism

 BBQ with the members