Monday, June 2, 2014

May 29, 2014

I got to travel on P-Day to another part of Porto Alegre.  I'll send you guys a ton of photos next p-day!  I tried to email you guys earlier but the Ian houses weren't open.  Also, I got to go the the temple on Tuesday and I got to see President and Sister Wright there and it was awesome!  This Monday will be my last with Elder Gee and I can't believe it has already been another 5 weeks!  Time is going fast!  Love you!
Elder Barrus

It's so fun being American here.  I went with this boy Gabriel, who we recently baptized, to see his school.  The government pays for it and it is very big and nice which is good because the area is so poor.  He showed us his different classes and then we talked with the manager and we talked with him for a bit.  And it's so different here than in the USA.  In the USA if I went to a school people would think it was so weird that two missionaries were walking around.  But here, they're like, "hey, come on in!"  There is a blonde English teacher here that is 19 and is learning English.  So I'm going to try and meet her because it would be awesome to come here and teach the kids English.  Especially since my companion is leaving soon and my new one will likely be Brazilian.  This Tuesday is my transfer.  Hopefully I'll stay here because I like this area a lot!  What's going on with the tv thing?  That sounds crazy.  Hahaha.  You guys are nuts!
Elder Barrus

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