Monday, October 20, 2014

October 13, 2014

That"s exciting about the beach house! And that"s funny that all the stuff in my room just got moved! Haha almost made it to the one year mark! I met Sarah before Nick left for his mission -  her cousin is Taylor who is in Mexico. That's awesome that she´s with the Hintzes right now -  that´s problaly alot of fun!   When do Courtney and Emily come home?  It's around Christmas time right?  Tell Amanda I say that she´s going to do awesome and that the langage will come with time!  The first six weeks are the hardest because you won´t understand everything but just be patient and it with time you will start to understand what is going on!   It's funny that you guys are already planning when i´ll come home!   The time does go by fast so that good. Two years ago I was starting my last year of high school.  Good times. 

This week was awesome!  I arrived in my new area called Rio Pardo.  It's a super poor area but awesome. The members here are cool and very nice. Also, I'm the senior missionary now and my companion only has been 3 months on his mission.  So I'm teaching him the ways of Elder Barrus. I bore my testimony on Sunday as well to introduce myself. We worked super hard. More in this week than in any other time on my mission. So we found a great family the mom was a member but her children weren't so we baptized the two children. Also we found a man named Philipe and he went to church with us and we gave him the Book of Mormon and he wants to go be baptized this coming Sunday.  So hopefully it all works out well!   Also I have a crazy girl named Brenda -  she told me that she would only be baptized if I agreed to live with her and then she followed me to my house and tried to kiss me!  Haha it was crazy!  She is 17 and likes Americans so that was interesting!  Haha.  But all in all I like this area a lot.  The members want to help us and I´ve taught with them during the week. I feel like I can really help a lot of people here in this area and that a lot of people here are waiting to be baptized. It"s definitley cool to be a senior missionary now and be the one to say where we need to go and what we need to teach.

A baptism

 BBQ with the members

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