Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yo - November 10, 2014

So this week was pretty swag we went into the depths of Pantano the world of evanglicas and crazzy old people who yell at you when you get too close!  We found our friend philipe and taught him a few times but didn´t come to the church to get baptized. The family of Elisangela is doing good we are going to their house tonight and it will be fun. The six year old son José is crazzy and filled with energy and its fun to spend time with such a great and special family! 

During the week we visited the couple Valmir and Laine and they want to go to church again this past week but their daughter had an intesnse surgery to get her tonsels taken out. We left a message about how the Lord will strenghthen us throught the commandments, really when we do the simple things through obeidience we are sure to receive the blessings and promises exercised  by our faith.

When traveling throught the city we found a big cemetary and it was cool to walk throught it here the people are buried above the earth! 

So a cool story:
Before I arrived in the area of Rio Pardo the missionaries before me had talked with a guy on the street named Enrique. He had been smoking and told them that he wanted to go to church and needed some help. So it turns out that he is studying English and it happens that I know a little so I went over to his house and translated a whole page for him and then after I started to help him understand the basics of some of the grammer that we use. Then we taught him a lesson and told us he wants to be baptized this Sunday so were going to do our best to help him! Its so cool to find people who need our help and to be there for them each step of the way! 

I loved reading your emails I ran out of time to write a big email because I was coping pictures into a pindrive of 16GB that I will try to send home soon. 
The gospel is awesome and I love being in RIo Pardo so many awesome people in this area!

Lots of Love,
Elder Barrus! 

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