Monday, May 12, 2014

April 21, 2014

Questions from home, and answers from Elder Barrus

1.  Did you poison the cockroaches yet?

"No poison yet.  Me and my companion watched a cockroach crawl up and out of the toilet.  We now use the bathroom in the chapel….WE NEED POISON SO BADLY!"

2.  Did Juliano get baptized?

"Juliano was baptized.  It was awesome."

3.  How is the couple doing?  Are they still trying to get married?

"The couple wants to be married.  They have set a goal for one month.  They would like to get their daughter baptized and they are all attending church."

4.  How are your feet?  Did you buy any shoes?

"I bought running shoes.  The pain is gone but I need to wear running shoes for awhile like a month to make sure the problems don't come back."

5.  Are you still teaching the Nixon's?

"The Nixon's are awesome but don't have the desire to change, but they like when we come and visit them.  It's kind of a dead end with them right now but the wife read The Book of Mormon so we need to follow up.

6.  Did David get baptized?

"David's mom wouldn't let him get baptized after she saw all the paperwork for the baptism.  But before that she was cool with him getting baptized.  If I don't get transferred to another area next week then I'll follow up with him in a few more weeks.

7.  What about Jessica?

"Jessica ended up not believing in the Bible and isn't ready for baptism."

8.  Juice packets that you are so excited about - is it kool aid?

"The juice packets are kool aid and are very cheap here."

"Going to the temple today so don't have a lot of time today!  For Easter we threw an activity and had the ward and youth work together and played soccer and volleyball.  We ate hotdogs.  We had six investigators at the activity and at the end of the activity I baptized Juliano.  Two investigators stayed for the baptism and now they want to be baptized too!  Two previously inactive members are now very active and one of them is now going on a mission.  He told me he wants to serve his mission in 6 months.  We went on a division together and taught lessons together.  His name is Anderson.  I ate some chocolate for Easter.  I think I can get your package in two weeks or so.  Life is good here.  I'm excited to go to the temple!"

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