Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 12, 2014

Skype was fun seeing you guys!  Next time I might not be able to speak English maybe!

Right now I'm using a super ghetto computer so if my grammar is extra bad - sorry!  So this week was awesome.  We focused a lot on one family.  They all went to a Mother's Day activity but didn't go to church because the sister's mother was in town so it's all good.  We're going to try to get them to come next week.  They enjoy church a lot and have gone a few times.

There are two sisters named Daisy and Daniella and they want to get baptized but first they need to get married so we are going to help them with that.  Daniella has a daughter and she was going to get baptized but the night before changed her mind because she said she wants to keep wearing short shorts and listening to a music called funk - haha.  So we're going to keep working with her and her family.

Then at church we weren't expecting any investigators but this boy came to church and he said to his teacher, "yeah, I came to church because I saw two American missionaries and I'm going to learn English."  So during Sacrament I sat with him and I taught him different colors in English and how to say, "you are a monster" to my companion so that was fun.  He is 11 and his names is Gabriel.  We're going to try and teach him this week so that's exciting.

We were also trying to find new people to teach and we found this new girl named Erika and she is awesome.  We taught the first lesson about Joseph Smith and how the Church of Jesus Christ was restored.  We taught that when Jesus Christ was killed and his 12 apostles as well all authority was lost and many different churches were formed from the teachings of the Bible.   And it went great.  She is looking forward to going to church this week.  So we have some great people in the area to teach this week.

Something I've learned is obedience.  When I follow the rules and do what I'm supposed to do I find great people and I receive so many blessings.  I know when I follow the rules of my mission and apply the teachings of the scriptures into my life I can bless other people's lives as well.

Random thing this week:
Cooking an egg in a microwave isn't that bad - it's TERRIBLE!!!

Well, I love you guys and I'm doing awesome.   It was fun to see that my family is crazy as ever!  Brazil is awesome.  Keep choosing the right and all that good stuff!

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