Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 1, 2014

this week was good.  We worked hard and found some cool people.  The area here is a small city, with lots of restaurants and BBQ's which is good.  I eat lots of chicken and rice mixed together for lunch everyday.  It's called galinhada.  There's nothing American here.  It's very German and Brazilian.

I have a new companion from Utah, his name is Elder Dickson and he's cool and a super hard worker so I'm going to learn a lot.  I'm trying to work on stop thinking in English and only think in Portuguese to learn faster.  It feels weird to write in English right now.  I started to translate the Bible from Portuguese to English to understand a lot more in Portuguese.

During the week we tried to visit a member who lives in an apartment but we could never pass her house.  We found a lady named Isolde who went to church a few times but we couldn't find her either so we taught her cousin and it went good.  We found a lot of new investigators also.  We were walking on the street where a member used to live and we found this lady who was having a bad day because she was having problems with her house.  So we taught her and invited her to church and she went so that was awesome!

And this week I learned that the gospel helps people a lot when they have problems and they go to church it helps them have a better day and a better week.  It's great to see the changes in the lives of the people who accept the teaching of the gospel.

I love you guys and keep staying awesome!!
-Elder Barrus

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