Friday, February 7, 2014

A letter from President Wright

Dear Family,

After spending a few hours with your missionary, we sense his spirit, preparation, and testimony.   Our hearts are filled with gratitude for parents that sent us such a fine young person.   We thank you for your sacrifice and know that Heavenly Father will richly repay you and your missionary as he serves the Lord in this part of his vineyard.

We read in the Book of Samuel of Hannah, who promised, if she were granted a son she would consecrate him to the Lord.  Blessed with the son she asked for, she took him to the temple and lent him to the Lord.  You have done something very similar to Hannah.  What is marvelous is that, by offering our children to God, they become ours forever.

We are happy we have the opportunity to be called with your missionary to serve in this mission.  Rio Grande do Sul is a marvelous place with people anxious to hear the gospel.  Sometimes the work will be hard, and your weekly letters will give him inspiration and encouragement.

Every young missionary, often through difficulties and challenges, grows a lot.  He will have sacred experiences as he is obedient and dedicated.  Great things are happening in the work of the Lord and it is marvelous your missionary is playing a part.

We will most certainly take care of him and love him as if he were our own.  We thank you one more time and pray the blessings of the Lord be with you.


President D. Layne Wright and Sister Marion Wright.

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