Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elder's Barrus' first letter from Brazil.


Arrived in Brazil today!  It is awesome and so hot here!  The people here are very friendly.  The missionary next to me gave a restoration pamphlet to a person on the airplane and he was very happy to read it.  I can't wait to start learning the language even more and teaching people the gospel.  I had fun today talking to you guys.  It sounds like everything is going good and it is crazy as usual so that's good!  The plane ride was super long but I was able to sleep a little.  Porto Alegre is awesome!  I'll send pictures as soon as I can!  The part I'm in right now is a town, a lot like Puerto Rico but I'm probably going to go somewhere else soon!  I don't know what area I'm serving in yet.  I'm going to take a bus later to my mission home and I'll be serving there!  I'm so excited!  I feel like I'm on an awesome adventure!  I'M IN BRAZIL!!  I can speak Portuguese!  It is going to be sweet!  I love you guys.  Keep choosing the right and all that good stuff!

Elder Barrus

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