Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elder Barrus in Sapiranga, Brasil

Brazil is awesome!  It's hard not being able to talk with anyone but soon eu sei I know that I will get the language.  I only speak Portuguese here.  I was talking to an Elder who has been here for a year and a half and it's difficult for him to speak English.  He has to translate from Portuguese back to English.  He  knows all his English words and stuff but when he speaks it it sounded weird - haha.  So I know that speaking is hard right now but soon in a  few months I'll have the language down.

Everything is going great here.  I'll take more pics and send them to ya next week!  Endure the cold and try not to freeze to death!!!

I had to walk in 120 degree weather this week.  My arms got pretty sunburned but they're tanning nicely now.  The people here are so nice.  The food is great.  Meat!  I love the meat here.  It is the best thing ever.  Brazilian pizza is my favorite thing.  People are very welcoming here.  It's part of their culture and so anyone we see we can pretty much go right up to them and start teaching.

I do a lot of walking.  Tons of walking.  I have to do stretches or else my knees will tear and I'll have to go home so I do exercises everyday.  toto did totos as dias!  All the homes have gates around them so I have to clap outside to get in.  A man came up to me, put his arm on my shoulder and said, "baptize me" so I am going to baptize him.

I can speak some Portuguese but I can't understand it and sorry for my grammar.  I'm using a Brazilian keyboard and it's hard to type.

There are evil cockroaches in my house.  I found one last night.  It was very very big.  It's scary!!  My house is very poor, and all of the floors of houses here are very dirty because it's Brazilian culture to always wear shoes.  The heat is insane.  It got to be 120 degrees and I thought I would die - haha.  I drank 1 liter of juice and 1 liter of water - it was heavenly.  Don't worry about me!  I love it everyday.  It's hot and sweaty but I love the heat.  I hate cold weather.  So happy not to be in Utah anymore.  I love hot weather.  Also - in Brazil men never wear shirts and everyone owns a motorcycle and everyone wears flip flops.  EVERYONE is pretty sweet though.  I could live here.  It's a pretty laid back lifestyle and the meat here is to sweat for.

The people here are crazy drivers.  It's why we can't have bikes and why I walk everywhere.  My investigators are a one hour walk away from my house and its very hot but I drink lots of water so no worries.  My mission is difficult because I can't communicate with the people but what little I say to them they understand.  I can testify of the gospel and say lots of church things but the hard part is understanding.  But it will come with time.

Everyone here owns dogs.  Everyone!  And all the dogs are little and bark like crazy!  Also poor people always have tons of cats and dogs.  I don't know why!  There was this huge bee during a lesson and when it went near the ground dust flew up around it.  It was scary.  eu no gust de bees and cockroaches muito mal!   We teach lots of people each week.  My trainer speaks a little English but honestly I never talk in English anymore, mostly all Portuguese.  Other missionaries tell me I'll be fairly fluent in 6 months so that should be awesome.  It seems far away but it will go by fast.

I'm making cheeseburgers tonight so that should be awesome.  I'll take more pics and send them to you guys next week!!  My p-day is on Monday and I have no idea what time is it where you are, probably like 7 in the morning.  Well, I love you guys.  I sent a letter and you should get it in two weeks.  Don't send packages over 40$ or the Brazilian government will make me pay for them.  Also don't let them know if you send anything electronic.  An iPhone 5 charger is 115 reals, a smart phone or tablet is over 1000 reals.  No one has a tablet or smart phones here because they are so expensive.  There are some really nice rich homes but it's mostly a lower class and poor area, with very loving humble people.  Seriously I love my mission so much and it's awesome I'm learning so much each and every day.  Love ya guys.  Peace out!  (paz fora)

Eu amo Brazil, Brazil e ochimo!  Uma comida e muito bom, arroz e carne!  Viver e beleza os missionarieos peinsan que come eu falo "muito bom!" E engicado eu gosta de pizza do o brazil, brazil pizza e o bamba!  eu no entendo muitos palavras mas no sais mas eu sei que todos as palavras e todos as coisas porque eu estudio muito!  Voce meu cara vocew lembra que!  Paz fora!

 I'm in Sapiranga, Brasil

 Well, this is my  house.  The hammock is broken!

 I have freezing water in the morning which I like cause it's burning outside and hot water at night because the air is so hot!

 Nasty cockroach!


meu filho batizador!!

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