Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 3, 2015

I´ll be home in like 3 weeks!! Yesteday was a holiday so like all the missionarys couldn´t use email in Brasil.  Im excited to get back it will be cool to see  everyone! Yesterday went to visit some of the families that I  came to know on my mission. I went and visited my very first area on the mission! It was fun talking to everyone people were excited to be able to talk to me because in that epic I wasn´t able to say anthing. But while I was there I was able to relive my glory days. Almost a year and 7 months ago Me and my second companion were walking on a dirt road literally on the edge of town and it was the edge of town becuase on one side of the road were houses and the other were mountains. We talked to many people but no one had alot of interest. We then talked with this boy with 14 years and we teached his family two times but unfortunatly we were both transfered out of the area and sisters were placed in the area. The months passed and when I had a year and 3 months on the mission found out that the whole family was baptized! Yesterday I went and did a surprise visit and the whole family was home we talked for awhile. They are going through alot of difficulties with money but they have stayed true to the gospel and now there oldest son the son with whom we talked to on the street so long ago will be serving a mission in just 2 years! I found out that through my mission I planted alot of seeds many of the people I would teach joined the church later on. Through the small and simple miracles that happened throughout my mission my testimony was strengthened to the limit where it will never be broken. 
Yesterday night with our ward mission leader and his wife we went to a pizza bbq where you eat as much pizza as you want I ate over 15 slices it was crazzy haha! This week were going to have a family night with food at a less active´s house with the youth to strengthen the ward because things are complicated here. But I only got 2 more weeks so it will go by fast. The beach looked cool! Hopefully I´ll be able to go there in the future on day. 
Hope all keeps going well have an aweosme week! Until soon! 

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