Monday, November 2, 2015

October 26, 2015

Sounds like you guys had a fun week, my week was kinda boring i'm getting ready to come home haha, not a lot to do here i'm excited to get
back. I got my flight emailed to me I´ll arive wednesday morning at 11:15 25th of November 
will be super awesome! Im super tired the end of the mission is the hardest part because it's 
the most dificult to keep working at the very end. Today we will meet up with the other missionary from the zone and do an activity together for pday I think we´ll play soccer or somthing but I'm not quite sure yet.
Yesterday we hung out after church with the ward mission leader and ate cake and watched church movies it was fun. 
Our ward mission leader is crazzy he´s super cool and helps us to 
stay animated because the area i'm in right now has alot of apostacy. Like no one speaks to each other almost everyone that´s been baptized in the last year is gone! No one stays active its super strange Ive never seen such bad retention since i've been on my mission. We tried to do an activity with the ward and the bishop and his wife didn´t support us at all. We called up a bunch of families and announced the activity on sunday but only like 20 people showed up. And one investigator that came as well but he doesn't want to obey the law of chastity. But were going to keep working with the people that have left the church and ask for references from them so we can teach there friends hopefully it all works out. 
I'm excited to get back because I can do normal stuff it will be cool to be normal again. I wonder if I´ll be able to drive? It will probally be weird to drive after not driving for so long. And eat a five guys cheese burger that will be pretty cool too. I miss cheeseburgers. Just 3 more weeks, you guys will only receive 3 more emails from me before I´m back pretty crazzy right? It's finally going to come to an end. I think this next pday im going to travel to an area called Sapiranga it was my very first area on the mission Im going to go there and spend the whole day with some of the members and a family that I taught that later was baptized. THis family sells pizza and have there own pizza business.  If I lived in Brazil I think I´d live here in the south cause i'd get pizza for free whenever I want.  It's one of the benefits of being a missionary haha
Also if I go to Sapiranga I´d go to the mountains again and maybe I´ll get to see another monkey or maybe this time if im lucky a toucan that would be pretty sweet. 
THis week we also found a girl that had left the church and so we went over there with our ward mission leader and her and her mom invited us to have a bbq its going to be awesome.  I'm going to end my mission good here with lots of bbq with the members before I leave. 
BUt hope all keeps going well, sounds like carter is doing alot better with Taekwando and stuff and sounds like mom had fun getting away for awhile. Blake sounds like he´s enjoying highschool, he´s doing wrestling now right? I bet everyone will be a little different when I return. I´ll bring back some Braziian candy as a souveneir.
Love you guys,

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