Monday, November 2, 2015

The Gospel Strengthens Families - September 28, 2015

Finally after 13 days of constant rain we were able to have some sun, my clothes have finally finished drying. Hear in Brasil there´s no dryers so we have to dry everything on clothes lines. 
We´ve been working on finding new investigators, we had a few families go to church last sunday but they don´t want to keep the comitments. But this week we found a super cool family that went to church this sunday!
We were walking down one rainy day and no one answered the door. Then this lady walks past us and ignoring us starts to enter her house! We asked her if we could share a message she was a little hesitant but agreed, we arrive inside and her husband shows us some religous book he´s reading. Then he asks us ``lets study the bible`` I think to myself great this guy is going to try and bible bash us or somthing he comes out of his room and puts a book of mormon on the table! The guy read the book of mormon until Mosias and had everypage noted with notations and questions. Basically it was one of the craziest things thats ever happened on my mission. He had been given a book of mormon by other missionaries a long time a go but had only started to read it recently,
He told us that he feels closer to god with the book of mormon that with the bible and than he went to church and loved it! He asked tons of awesome questions and for principles of the gospel it was about temple work we explained how this is the only church with the true authority of god he liked it alot. They want to get baptized as well but they have to get married first if I stay here one more transfer I´ll get to see them be baptized for sure. 
In DC 29:7 it talks about the elects those who are waiting to find the restored church it was cool to find some elects this past week. 

We are teaching another family, George and Daniela, they are super cool, they went to church not this week but the last week on the 20th they both liked church alot as well, they were seperated and Daniela was super sad that her husband and her had been seperated due to gossip but we shared with her the gospel and when she told her husband about all that we had taught and shared with her it made him want somthing as well, We met George on a Saturday shared with him a few verses with him from the Book of Mormon and felt inspired to invite him to church and he accepted, he had little knoledge but by his faith he was inspired to go, The whole family George, Daniela, Victoria, and Junior all went to church. 
I know that its through the gospel that chalenges are erased and familes are brought back together again. 
This weekend will be incredible, three knew appostles of God will be called to walk and testify that these things are true that this is the gospel of God.
Know that are doutbs, fears, and weaknesses, our strengthed by General Conference. Ether 12:27
Hope you guys have a great week!

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