Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 7, 2014 Conference Weekend

On Sunday a member didn´t attend the conference because he felt like he wasn´t worthy to hear from the prophet and apostles and was just having a bad day, so we went over and told him to go with us to contact people. And it was great we found this one family and taught them a quick lesson about families eternal and it was great.  I was glad to help the member and I know that if we see people in need don`t be afraid to help them.  Because when we reach out and let people know that we care about them it will only bless them.  Sometimes when I think or ask my self why is this so hard? Why don´t the people just understand?   Why can´t I speak better?   And then I remember the path that the Savior went on.   I am teaching his gospel and he was rejected.  I to will go through some hardships and I too  will have difficult times helping people to understand that this gospel is true.  But when I remeber the words of Elder Holland, ´´Salvation was never a cheap price to pay``.  Christ paid the price for us, He died for us, and He loves us, Salvation is not easy and it is not easy to apply these things to people´s lives,  but when they see how the atonement helps them and how all sins are cleansed throught Christ I remember that I have the oppurtunity to let people choose to accept these things, and to live with the gospel in their lives.   I will teach many but only a few will choose to accept the gospel, the atonement, and endure to the end.  But those few that accept these things it will be worth it.   It will always be worth it.  I´m happy and I´m doing well,  I know this is where I need to be.   I feel as though I have waited many years to be here and now that I ´m here I know I have a great oppurtunity to teach and love these people.   I know that life isn´t easy, we all go through challenges and trials and I don´t know these people,   I´m only 19 but God knows these people and when they pray they can know of the power of revelation.  I know these things to be true.  I left everthing in my life behind to teach people these things.   Many people lost there life to travel to Utah, to mobsters, to persecution, how thankful I am to lose my life for just two years to teach people and join the 80 thousand other missionaries.   As Noah built a ship long ago there is another ship coming and as members of this church we have the opputunity to let people choose to get on or stay behind.   These are the last days, and these are hard times, but stick to the teaching of the gospel, and remember that we are his children and he has a plan for us.  I love you all and keep being awesome.  There is an elder who has become more tan than his Brazilian companion and he loves you all.  

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