Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! March 17, 2014

So this week went by so fast!  We had a baptism scheduled for the past Sunday but it got cancelled because the husband said he would leave her if she got baptized so that was sad.

I had two divisions this week.  One with the zone leader and one with an elder.  Found two new investigators with the zone leader.  When I went with the elder we found just one new investigator.  It was a great lesson even though I couldn't understand a lot of it but my companion was teaching about baptism.  And then my companion started crying and the woman did also and I'm just completely confused.  And we have a member with us named Fabio and I look over and he's smiling and he tells me they're crying and he's smiling.  And I'm just kind of laughing to myself because there are two people sobbing and Fabio smiling at me so that was an interesting lesson.

So then it's Sunday and we have to talk to 60 people so me and my companion split up and we both go with members who are each about 14 years old.  So I go and talk to people and I did it.  I talked to 58 people in an hour and a half, and the member wrote down all the addresses.  And my companion did 6 lessons with the other guy so that was a super busy day.  My companion leaves tomorrow so I will be getting a new companion.

Today it rained a lot and I helped a family move out with my companion and with the dad.  We got all their stuff moved in an hour and a half.  I'm hungry.  Today I think I'll make hotdogs so that'll be good.

So I never told you the story of ______.  _______ is a little strange.  He likes to sing me Britney Spears and that's a little scary.  He also says "Elder Barrus!!!!" super loud, and I look at him and say what and then he says hi.  And he does it 3-4 times.  Also when I'm headed for the bus station I see him and then I leave and like 15 minutes he is still there so I think he is following me…

TACOS:  So this is a good story.  We're walking and we find this woman who is inactive.  So on Saturday we taught her and we had family night with them.  Her husband served in New York so I got to speak English with someone and it was a miracle! AND he made tacos.  Real tacos!  I know right?  Like who would think you could have tacos in Brazil?  I was sooooo happy!  Because you can't make tacos here.  You have to travel to a big city like Porto Alegre just to buy flour tortillas.  So I was way happy to eat tacos.  And they're active now in the church and they are really happy and that's way awesome.  So finding people to teach is important but I also like finding the less actives and giving them a reason to go back.  So overall this week was good.  I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks here in Brazil!  I've already been on my mission for 3 months.  Time is going super fast!

My teacher from the MTC is going to live in Ashburn this summer and he said he is going to come over and say hi.  How crazy is that? I got a letter from Grandma Lipton but haven't had time to open it yet today.  I wonder what other missionaries do on P-Day because I am always super busy and we work non-stop.  Today we helped members move.  It's raining a lot and feels great here!  It's supposed to get really cold here like in the 30's which probably sounds nice for you guys.  That's crazy how cold it gets!

I think I told you this but I got 4 Dear Elder letters and it was fun to re-read them!  

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