Sunday, April 20, 2014

March 24, 2014

Thats crazy about the beach house!  I was laughing when you were telling me about the description of the house!  The pictures look crazy but the ocean is awesome!   I miss the ocean!   I got a hammock and relaxed today.   I also got to eat at a Burger King.   It was amazing -  the best Burger King ever and that made my day because I've only have Brazilian burgers which are good but nothing like America. The buns are flat and they have corn, lettuce,mayo,tomato,no cheese :(, and ketchup,  and other stuff -  but no pickles. It was strange but really good.  I also went to an English school and taught people English.   That was pretty sweet.  It felt really weird to talk in English.   My English is going to be terrible in two years!   I gotta new companion and he is awesome!  His name is Elder Gabbaiand.  He is a hard worker but he also knows how to have fun.   Next week we´re going to the mountains with a member so that will be a lot of fun!   And on the 15th of next month I can go to the temple so im psyched about that!   And I finally got to take a small break today and it felt great.   I got a hammock for free from my last trainer and it is aweome!  The family I taught this week that are very interested are a family called the Nixons.   They are very interested in the gospel and have friends that are Mormon.  We are teaching a boy named David and he is awesome as well. He wants to get baptized this Saturday so hopefully it works out!  And a girl named Jessica - she wants to get baptized but is having trouble setting a date because her boyfriend is a recent convert,  and if she gets baptzed then she feels like she will probably marry him but I think she is leaning towards baptism so that is good.  I deep cleaned the house, found two bottles of pee from prievious elders - ugh! That was gross but it made p-day official - haha!  There was so much dust!! Now it's so much nicer and it feels like my own little home and I like it.  My house is one of the bigger houses on the mission so I'm lucky. Today we made homemade potato chips with slices of potatoes and grilling them in oil, and we each ate a whole pot of rice and a liter of juice.  Brazil is awesome because I can buy unlimited juice packets because they are super cheap and have tons of juice so that's sweet.  Eating at Burger king was the greatest thing ever, when I get back to the US im going staight to the nearest burger place haha! Well serving a mission is awesome.  It is so cool here! Also I'm offically a Brazilan - it is winter here now and the coldest it has gotten is 60 and I had goose bumps because I wasn't used to it.  I'm used to 80+ and so I was bundled up in a sweat shirt and shivering.  I'm literally going to freeze to death when it gets cold here in July!

 Relaxing in the hammock
 Rice, potato chip, and juice dinner with Elder Gabbaiand

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