Sunday, April 20, 2014

March 31, 2014

So this week was pretty great, I ate chicken heart pizza, six layers of cheese pizza and chocolate pizza all in one pizza yea it was crazzy.  Then I had my first Brazilan milk shake.  It is completly different from an American milk shake -  no not really... Then I went with a zone leader to do an interview for a baptism but the person wasn't there.. So we taught a few more lessons and then the next day went to another city called Novo Hamburgo and did a interview for other missionaries since my companion is the district leader.   We went into this house and they owned three dogs and there was poop everywhere and it was terrible and the woman kept giving me this red juice that left this bad after taste it was weird!   And after that I went to a member's house and ate a huge pile of meat -  the member grilled a huge barbeque! Then later in the week we found this man who is really poor and he was totally drunk so we scheduled for a time to return and we taught him the word of wisdom and the first lesson and he came to church with us!   So my companion and I hugged the crap out of him and he stayed the whole three hours with us.  So he´s doing great except that when we went to his house later he was totally wasted... but if we can stop him from drinking he deffinetly can be baptized and he wants to stop so thats good. I also bought Brazilian candy for 2 reals and it was almost like eating Starburst again.  PS -  candy in Brazil doesn't exist. It is really hard to find candy.  I usually only find crackers, chocolate, and cookies.  So I got to walk around Nove Hamburgo because the members put us on the wrong bus and we got lost so it was fun to walk around a little bit.  And so all in all Brazilan pizza is awesome and I want to eat more chicken heart that problally sounds really weird but it is super amazing. And I love being on a mission finding new and interesting people to teach each and every day! 
Pictures of Sapiranga, Brazil

Elder Barrus with his chicken heart, 6 cheese, and chocolate pizza.

This dog is evil        

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