Friday, July 4, 2014

June 16, 2014

I was in the missionary headquarter on the 13th and I'm only a 30 minute bus ride away from the mission office so I'm super close by.  Maybe I'll get the package this Thursday when I have district meeting!  Tell Sister Barrand, "Muito Obrigado e que voce sao ben legal!" Haha.  I'm getting close to being fluent!  I can now talk to people on the street without my companion helping me and I can ask them when we can come to their house and share a message.

I did a division so I went with Gabriel and my companion went with his little brother Heliel.  So we leave his house and we're talking to people and Gabriel, who's only 11just goes up to anyone and says, "Hey, we're missionaries and we want to share a message with you about the Bible.  Can we come by your house another day?" So he's awesome and I can see him being a missionary someday.  So everything is going great until Gabriel goes up to a crazy man with only one eye and before I can stop him he says, "we're missionaries and we want to share a message."  And the man starts shouting in the middle of the road, "Everyone is a missionary and can teach the word of God." And I'm like, "well, but I'm only in Brazil as a missionary for two years" and then he starts jumping up and down in the middle of the road and laughing a weird laugh like crazy.  So I walk away and then he starts walking beside me!  And starts telling me about how angels baptized him in holy water with their hands so at this point I just start thinking to myself, "yep I'm in Brazil with a crazy dude on drugs telling me about angels and yep this is really happening!"  So I just keep nodding my head and saying wow! and really?  And then I finally got away from him.

I then found this cool guy named Carlos and he wanted a Book of Mormon.  But I told him I have to teach him before I'm allowed to give him a book so he agreed and I'm going to visit him this Saturday!

Also, I'm starting to teach an English class.  I've got some people here that are excited and I think it will be quite the hit!  So I'm excited to start teaching the people some English.

Everything here in Brazil is good!  Always something interesting happening!  During the World Cup if there is a game I have to stay inside.  I don't mind.  I just study my Portuguese.

 Picture of me in my neighborhood.
 Picture in my neighborhood after it rained a ton!
 Me with Elder Romares

So this week was good.  Being here during the World Cup is crazy.  Every time Brazil scores a goal I can hear fireworks going off everywhere and people are yelling and the streets go wild.  The cars drive by at the end of the game with green and yellow flags!  So it's fun to be here during the World Cup even though I can't watch it.  I've seen glimpses of the world cup games in the restaurants or in the markets and when I see in the stadium everyone is standing and yelling and going crazy!!!  In the US we have the Super Bowl and it's in the US every year, but the World Cup is only every four years and it won't be held again in Brazil for another 80 years or so!  Because of this everyone is crazy about the World Cup!!!  When the games aren't being played I'm out in the streets talking to people.

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