Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm quase 20!

Wow! sounds like you guys had a blast!  Sounds like you wore them out good!  Haha that's funny how much you spent in the Frozen gift shop!  Discovery cove sounds like a Jamaican vacation just because everything is prepaid!   I got my birthday package and I've been enjoything the Starburst and candy! Thanks for the mac and cheese as well!  I bet Blake will like EFY!  Wow,  Sophie´s first coaster!  That is aweosme that she enjoyed it so much!  Discovery cove sounds cool just because it has so much nature! AND thats crazy about the black bear -  watch blake!! Sounds like life is nice and busy this summer will pass by so fast! It's cool spending my birthday in another country . I'm going to eat some chicken heart pizza! If you guys are able to come to Brazil you´ll have to try chicken heart - it is super good!  

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