Friday, July 4, 2014

June 9, 2014

So this week was cool.  We found a great family that we're teaching.  We taught them the first lesson and they thought it was interesting.  Then we asked them if they would come to church and they came and they said it was interesting.  And then there is a girl named Erika and she is excited to be baptized so that was awesome as well!  She went to church with us on Sunday as well and she is super cool.  The boy Gabriel who was recently baptized tod us that he would bring her to church for us and he did so that was pretty awesome!  He's only 11 but he has been a great example of faith for me.  The church from his neighborhood is about a 10 minute bus ride and then 30 minutes of walking.  And he comes every week with his little 10 year old brother and his other investigators!  He also likes learning English.  So I write words down on a piece of paper and I tell him to just learn 10 words a day and then he'll start to learn more.  I also taught him to say, "you are cool" and "you are a monster" so it is fun teaching him stuff.

The area I'm in is poor but I like it.  It's cool living in the ghetto area.  When I first got here I felt really weird with my sink in my apartment breaking and water leaking or using a microwave to dry my clothes, but now it's normal.  It's Brazil.

I got a new companion this week.  His name is Elder Romares and he's cool and he's a hard worker.  He only speaks Portuguese to help me improve and that is helping a lot.  All in all life is good here in Brazil.  It feels strange sometimes to think that I'm in the very bottom of South America!

But I love you guys and I love being here it's so cool to get to live in another culture!

"Love the pictures this week.  Are those from when you played soccer a few weeks ago?"
Austin's reply - "Yeah, it was awesome!  They were a lot of fun to play with and they thought is was cool we were American!"

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