Friday, July 4, 2014

June 23, 2014

Wow!  The time is flying by!!  So this week I can't remember anything super special that happened other than I walked a lot and got rained on.  It was a pretty typical week.   The boy named Clyton wasn't baptized because he was in another city taking care of his Dad so hopefully this weekend!

I finally got gas for our house so I'm going to show the Brazilians how to make an American cheeseburger.  It's going to be awesome!

And the shower finally stopped catching on fire so that's also good!

The Brazil games are as crazy as ever.  Since Brazil defeated Chile and is still advancing in the World Cup EVERYTHING went crazy.   People were honking their horns and fireworks are everywhere shooting up in the sky.  Brazil knows how to party!

For my birthday I'm going to eat a huge chicken heart pizza and it's going to be epic!

I love you guys!  The mission is awesome and there are so many great people to teach!

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