Thursday, September 11, 2014

July 7 2014

I got all the money thanks so much! I´ll save it up in my reserve fund it will help a lot! That's funny that sophie kept wanting to send me stuff, hope the sickness goes away! Everytime I check my email somthing crazy happens from week to week! Thats good that blake is liking efy so far! I loved all my candy I still have some skittles and starburst that I'll save for awhile. Carter will definetly like his camp a lot! Hope you guys enjoy fourth of july! The german is cool but Im not going to start learning it for another two months or so I need to improve my portuguese still. I hope the hurricane goes away! How are things with the honda dad told me he test drived a camero with blake for fun. The cheese burgers were a success it was awesome! And the chicken heart pizza was awesome as well! Transfers are this Tuesday! I feel like i've been here for awhile so if I go or stay it doesn't really matter but I do like this area a lot!
 Homemade cheeseburgers
Chicken heart pizza for my birthday!

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