Tuesday, September 30, 2014

August 18, 2014

So this week was good but Tuesday and Wednesday passed by slow!

Monday:  Made sloppy joes and played soccer with the Brazzilians.  They are crazy with soccer so I'm going to learn a thing or two!

Tuesday:  I walked into the English school to talk with a member and the member looks at me and says, "what happened to your shoes?!"  Haha.  So she took me to this sink and starts cleaning my shoes!  Haha.  She is a mom with a kid on a mission as well and she told me, "If your mom saw you with those shoes she would be crazy!" haha.  So it's good to have good members.  All our lessons fell through and we walked from 2:00-6:00 knocking doors but no one was home or had interest.  We then went and visited a member and when they saw how tired we were they went and got us food.  And then my companion left a super powerful message in the end of Matthew 25 about service.  So that was awesome to show the members how much we appreciate them.  Then at 8:00 we visited a less active family and only one girl is active and the family members said they don't go to church because they're lazy!  So that was weird.

Wednesday:  We went and visited some people but a lot of our investigators weren't interested so that was sad.  Then our other appointments fell through so we knocked some doors.  We tried to visit this kid named Fernando  but he wouldn't answer the door.  So my companion says, "I don't think he's here, let's go."  So I say "FERNANDO" and my companion says "voce sai matando mim com vergonha! (you are killing me with embarrassment)" haha.  The neighbors think we're crazy missionaries that yell at people when they don't answer the door!  Taught a few lessons and then went home at 9:00.  Also I super glued my bag because it broke but then I found out the super gluing a bag doesn't turn out too well….

Thursday:   The weather got super cold and then we woke up super early to go to a zone meeting.  Me and my companion gave a training on "Dar um Jetto" which in English would translate to give the way or find a way.  And so we did some practice scenarios of different things that had happened in our area.  We took a bus for an hour to Santa Cruz.  Then when we returned to Vanancia Aires we ate lunch at 2:30 cause we got back super late.  And my companion got food poisoning from lunch so we returned him and weren't able to do any more work.

Friday:  We went to a street where a member had used to live and a lot of people knew that he was a member.  And so we found this super elect type family who are searching for a church and we answered a lot of their questions and gave them a Book of Mormon.  Then we continued down the street and this old man told us he wanted to die and for us to bury him with his cat and dog soooo, we got away from him, he was crazy.  Then we continued down the street and this family said they liked practicing Batuki, so then we continued to the very end and we found this lady who liked our message a lot and they want us to return on Saturday.

Saturday:  We went and visited a couple we had visited a few weeks ago but we felt that they weren't super interested.  They told us they missed our visit last weekend because they felt very peaceful and wanted more peace in their lives.  Then after we taught them they told us they wanted to go to church!  THen we went and visited Jose who has a problem with the word of wisdom but told us he prayed and said that he needs to get baptized in September so we're going to continue to work with him.  He's super humble and has a desire to learn more.  I'm glad we were able to find him and help him out.

Sunday:  We had Jose in church and the couple that said they would go and they learned a lot and liked the three hours they came with their 6 year old and it was great to see all of them.  After church we had lunch with this member who is the owner of an English school so it's fun to speak in English with him. Then we went and visited a family of investigators and after them visited a recent convert.  We had family home evening with them and it was a lot of fun!

So the beginning of the week was slow but we worked a lot and I know that if we have diligence in our lives we will find and encounter many blessings.  I love you and hope you are doing well.  I know the church is true because of the differences it brings into the lives of so many people.   It's crazy how fast summer has flown by and I may be transferred next week!  But if I leave it was awesome to work in this area.  I learned a lot and I was so thankful for the help of the members.

I'll write again soon!
Elder Barrus

My chimarrao!

Sloppy Joes

This is where I do all my studying.

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