Thursday, September 11, 2014

July 21, 2014 My new area!

I'm in Venancio Aires it's a nice little town two and a half hours away from Porto Alegre and it feels great to be out of the super ghetto area for awhile! The members here area cool and help a lot so thats good! We have an investigator named Anapaula and she is working on not smoking and then she can follow the example of her daughter and be baptized so that would be super awesome! Me and my companion are kind of opening the area though because a lot of their old inverstigators were cut so we found a lot of new people and it was a good and busy week! THe only stange thing that happened this week was we were walking down the street and this old lady opens the door as we are walking by and shouts `` I'm a catholic!!!`` and then slammed the door! I immediatly turned to my companion and said `` dude new record we got rejected without even clapping at the door!`` Haha so that was pretty interesting! My companion is from the U.S. and he knows how to make pancakes so Im definitely going to learn how to cook some food this transfer!! Well I love my new area and its awesome and I love you guys and I´ll write some more when more stuff happens!

Elder Barrus

New companions

People I said "good-bye" to before I left Parque dosMias

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