Monday, September 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

My apartmetnt when you see the picture you´ll see two windos and that is my whole appartment and it is awesome so much bigger than my other house!,-52.193479,3a,41.5y,269.09h,92.28t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1snXfWD7wynaVc-E3m_N0F3Q!2e0,-52.192979,3a,75y,53.35h,79.64t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sHR_I408FfuWNrwr1gIgEYA!2e0
this is the park i pass by when going to eat lunch with members and stuff

this is the super pretty catholic chuch and there are tons of catholics here in this area and alot of people that speak german so mby I´ll learn a thing or two! 

Im in the capital of chimarreou that wierd green grass drink and people can walk up and refil there thermoses with hot water for free here 

This is where I proselete and teach different people and walk everyday you´ll have to explore here alittle bit! 

Haha yea its fun. I'm starting to get better with my accent sort of! I bore my testimony last sunday in the gospel class for the new converts and it's just a super awesome place because the spirt is so strong and one of the new converts said he had never felt the same way he had felt before after hearing my testimony! It helped me understand that through testimonies people can really feel the spirt and the love we have for them as we teach them the different principles of the gospel. 

I'M so glad to be oujt of the ghetto I was suviving in brazil for 3 months in my other area. it's good to be in a more civilized area!! 

HAHAHA I like all you funny stories of blake and carter almost killing uncle jason!!,-52.180984,3a,48.9y,197.08h,94.41t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1szmzttz8MxSEEUnUB2KGecw!2e0
this is my chapel and im going over there later to play some soccer should be fun! 

Enjoying not eating rice and beans everyday!

I love the area because there is so much here to do. I'm going to go and play soccer in the chapel later.

Yea THE  chapels here are super cool they are different in their own unique ways! 

If the shoes are over 50 dollers they will charge me alot of money but if you put a picture of Jesus on top of the box they wont tear it open supposedly but it would probally just be easier to send a card with some reals that would be better cause nothing will get stolen and I wont have to pay money for the package. In a box send some candy that would be aweosme

Sounds like blake hasnt changed to much so thats good! 

hahah sounds good being on the mission is fun! 

haha yea he´s crazzy! How is lacrosse?

BRAZIL lost the world cup 7-1 to germany they were humiliated and all the brazilans were angry! 

Love you too! have a good day!! The mission is awesome!

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