Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Was up? (August 25, 2014)

So this week was good but I stayed in home three days.  Yuck!  My companion got sick as well as the other missionaries.  But somehow I was fine which was good.  So I studied Portuguese a lot which was good.  I've definitely come a long way since when I first got here.  I remember my first day in the heat and barely being able to say "hi, how are you" in Portuguese!

On Monday we ate cow tongue which was good and very strange!!

On Tuesday we found a lady in the street that had been baptized when she was 9 and wanted us to come over so her kids could get to church.  So we went over to her house but she wasn't home but we gave her son our number.

Wed-Fri. we stayed inside.

Saturday-Sunday I did a division with the other Elder and we knocked a lot of doors and taught some of his investigators and it was fun to go to the other side of Vanancia Aires  We taught a couple where the boyfriend is 18 and the girlfriend is 15.  They are thinking of getting married so they can get baptized but it is a very weird situation.  Our ward mission leader started going back to church again and so we set up an appointment for the next Sunday to meet with him.  The other family I visited with like the Bible a lot as well as the Book of Mormon and it was fun to visit with them.  I'm staying in Vanancia Aires for the next 6 weeks.  My companion is leaving so I'll have a new companion and I'll be showing him the area and I will be the leader for the first week.

On Sunday we had two awesome people in church - the older man named Jose who wants to be baptized next week, and an elderly lady who told us she liked church a lot and wants us to visit with her the coming Thursday.

So all in all a good week!  Hope all is well with you guys!

-Elder Barrus

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