Sunday, October 11, 2015

100 Day countdown! August 18, 2015

What's up!

So this week we found a family of atheists and they didn't want us to teach them about the gospel.  But they love hearing stories about America and they think it's cool that me and my companion are from the USA.  So they invited us over Saturday night and we ate a huge BBQ with them, it was sweet!  They BBQ'd a whole rack of ribs off a cow!!  So I got to eat lots of meat this week so that was pretty awesome.

Our main investigator with potential for baptism is named Roberta.  She is super cool.  We're teaching her  English which is something fun to do.  She is liking the messages as well. If everything goes well there is a sister that is returned from her mission so we are going to take her with us to teach Roberta this Thursday.

If everything goes well she will get baptized soon.

Today we get to go to the temple so it will be faun to go to Porto Alegre.  I'll be able to see my last companion so it's always fun seeing old acquaintances.

To fix up our house I bought a hot glue stick thing and melted it in the stove so that I could glue up the hole in the wall.  Hopefully no more rain water will enter our house!

But for now everything is going well we're going to have mission conference tomorrow so it will be cool to see the seventy and I know a lot of important things will be said.

Well things are going good .  Hope you guys enjoy summer vacation before it ends and I hope things get better with Carter.  Love you guys and until soon.


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