Sunday, October 25, 2015

September 7 - 75 day countdown

this is my chapel it´s 3 stories! Its bigger than the temple! Im in an area called Primavera its pretty cool, I'm liking the area here a lot its way better than my other area and the members here are super cool!
Mom its going to take along time to put the reas in envelopes Im alreay coming come basically I only have 10 more weeks. Could you put 200 dollars in my account if you do Ill have like 800 reas to buy stuff
I used the 100 reas you gave me alreay on buses. Im poor I only have 35 reas and Im hungry. The dollar is 1 for 4 reas now in Brasil and the food here is super expensive so Im eating like super cheap like one small bottle of coke is 5 reas so like I can´t buy anything. I´ve definetly learned on my mission to survive off of nothing haha. But if you could just put in like 200 dollars on my account I´ll seriously love you forever! 
Today I was in a parade for the church it was pretty cool and then the president took us out to lunch. Everything here is closed so Im using a computer on the second level of this chapel. But im doing good, Im super happy to have left Sao Luis and I feel like a missionary again! Got lots of work to do here and we found some really cool people to teach this last week found a mom and daughter who told us that they are search for the true church a church that when they enter they feel somthing special. They loved the message we shared and were going to keep visiting them this week as well. Were going to try to baptise the daughter on the 20th and some other people as well. This area is super cool and Im going to enjoy the little bit of time that I have left! 
Love you guys glad you had a great summer and that Carter is doing better it will be fun to see you all soon! Please put some money in my account I´ll babysit alot when I get back for you guys :) 
Elder Barrus 

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