Sunday, October 11, 2015

Semana de churrasco - August 10, 2015

This week was pretty cool.  We ate a bunch of BBQ and I built a house.  I wanted to send pictures but my computer won't let me send them.

We found an investigator that speaks English so it was fun to reach him and he is very interested in the message we had to offer.  His name is Tiago and he's pretty cool.  On the 20th of August we were going to give a discussion given by a seventy so that will be cool.  I'm excited to see what we'll be taught.

The same day that Elder Hintze returned home a sister returned and so I got to hear a homecoming talk as well.  I wonder what I'll have to talk about when I get back.  Should be interesting.

On Wednesday we had interviews with the president and then we went out to lunch together.   It was pretty awesome.  Then he started going to the houses of the missionaries to see if the houses were clean.  Not awesome.  Haha.  I lucked out.  He ended up not going to our house so that was good.  Our house is old and the walls should be white but are black, and there is a hole in the wall so when it rains our house fills up with water.  But I told Sister Campos and I think we're going to be moving soon.

We were teaching a girl named Roberta.  She likes going to church and she likes reading the Book of Mormon.  We're going to challenge her again for baptism this week.

Well that was my week. Hope everything keeps going well!

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