Sunday, October 11, 2015

July 20, 2015

Today are transfers.  I should be getting an email soon to know if I will be staying here or if I'll be going to another area.

That's good Carter is doing better, probably in a few weeks he'll get out of ICU.  That's good he's able to talk now.

These past two weeks there has been a lot of rain and I got soaked  a few times.  My umbrella broke.  I've never had good luck with umbrellas on my mission.  Hope you guys have fun at the beach.  Things are going good down here too.  Not a lot has been going on.  You need to use my Facebook to see more pictures.  There should be some good pictures on there.  You just need to accept all the friend requests for me since I can't get on there.  But you'll see some pictures members post.   This week I ate fried fish.  I had to eat the head and the eyes and everything but it was good.  During the weekend we had a bunch of BBQ's so that was a bunch of fun.  Things are going good here.  I'll be staying here in this area I think until the 1st of September.  Then I'l be going to my very last area of my mission!

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