Sunday, October 11, 2015

June 29, 2015

So this week was pretty awesome, we were able to baptize a guy named Roberto 
on Wednesday, and we found a family that is super cool. They all liked the message a lot and all acepted to be baptized! It's a family of four and the last time a family was baptized in this area hasn´t been in years so its super awesome to have the opurtunity to help amazing people. 
Saturday night we went and invited a girl named Roberta to go to church and she went with a member named Gabriel, she said she liked the church a lot and we went over Sunday night and she also accepted to get baptized it was awesome!
During the week I was walking along the road and we found this wooden hut kinda close to where we live so we went over and found a lady named Nair. She said she already went to our church before but was never baptized. We're going to go over there some more to see if we can help her go again to church this Sunday. 
Also we made a bbq inside of our house we used my sword to grill this big piece of pork it was sweet. 

Well hope you guys have an awesome week! 

My zone here in North Canoas

 We went with a recent convert to show her the temple.  She liked it a lot and she said that she wants to serve a temple mission in a year.  It was her first time at the temple and she has about one month as a member.  Her name is Rosy and she is super awesome!

My house  

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