Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Mission President - July 6, 2015

This week my new mission president arrived.  His name is President Campos and he's going to be awesome.  We received a training from him and his wife and they let us ask questions to help us get to know him.  He's super friendly and has a vast knowledge of the scriptures.  I know I'm going to learn a lot with my new mission president.

I received my packages!  It was perfect timing!  You guys sent me a ton of Pringles - hahaha.  My companion freaked out when he saw all the Pringles!  I also got the package from Grandpa and Grandma, with the big packages of Starburst and Skittles.  I also received the blankets and a bunch of candy.  I left Porto Alegre with 5 boxes so that was a fun surprise.

This week was pretty bad.  We were kind of hoping we would be able to find a person that would be willing to at least go to church or something but it was a long week.  We found a family last week, and they all accepted to be baptized and go to church  We went over there this week and during the 3rd visit  the wife said they wanted to end the visits.  It was crazy.  I've never had  a family super interested to be completely against the message.  It was super weird.

And almost all our investigators don't want to be taught anymore so it was definitely a strange week  Then last night we tried to go over to visit a guy named Mateus.  We went over and his mom yells he's not home and then slammed the door.  I felt like I was in America this week.  This area is very strange. In my other areas people are friendly but here the people are more reserved and don't wasn't us to enter.

But this week we're going to visit some addresses that we obtained from people on the road and hopefully we'll be able to teach a few more lessons.

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