Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December 27th

I have been advised by experienced missionary moms to ask your missionary questions, especially if your missionary is a boy.  I guess are girls are better with details?   Anyway, here's a quick email I sent Austin.  His answer is below.


For your first email, I'm impressed.  There was a decent amount of detail and I'm not left wanting more.  Well, that's not entirely true, I'll always want to hear more.  I'm sure I'll send you another email by Friday but hear are a few more quick questions.

1.  What is the name of your companion?  Where is he from?  Is he nice and do you get along OK?   Is he going to Brazil too? 

2.  Are you getting the letters from the DearElder service?  Did you get your Christmas package on Monday?

3.  Did you get your camera yet?  I'm DYING for a picture.  That will be my second best present next to your first email.

I wrote you a letter about Christmas morning in the DearElder site, but you won't get that until next week, but Christmas was fun.  We're all just relaxing today.  It feels so nice.   I'm excited to hear what Apostle visits today.  My fingers are crossed for Elder Uchdorf, but anyone who comes will be amazing.  Make sure you write in your journal what he spoke about, but more importantly the way you felt while you were listening to him.  This is such a cool day for you.  


His name is Elder Dolkey and he's from Tennessee, and he grew up kinda in the middle of nowhere, and has a farm and worked at Wendy's cause he wrecked his car.  He's 22,  and we get along well.   I  have another awesome companion as well.   I acually have two companions now because the other one got his visa and his name is Elder Tensmyer. He's from Cincinnati, Ohio,  and the three of us are having a lot of fun!   

Yea ,I got my camera but I can't put into the computer because there's only usb slots and no way for me to put in my sd card :(   

I got all your packages!    I decorated the Chrismas tree you sent me with the help of the sisters, of course haha.

 Elder Bednar visited the MTC.   It was the coolest thing ever!   He handed out 200 phones to all the missionaries and said "if you call home, I will hunt you down and do bad things to you!" haha it was super funny,  and then we could ask him questions.   The phones were to email and text him questions.   HIs wife was there as well,  and she would answer some questions too.  But it was awesome and there are 15 MTC's in the world.   I  thought there were only 4!   And the missionaries at the other MTC's could email him too and all the questions would go to his i pad.   He told us that there are good  questions,  and then there are better questions. He was super funny.  

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