Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh no,  poor Blake!!  My visa is complete and I should be getting it soon!  Do the packet the best you can but I don't think it matters - it was just an extra step in case Brazil was picky!   Always somthing crazzy going on! How did he break it?? Was it during football?  I havn't got my re-assignment yet but when I do I'll email you right away even if it's not on pday! A lot of people are enjoying the blog!  Thanks for doing that for me and setting it up.  People are really enjoying it!  I'm going to the temple for the last time today and am going to make it worthwile!   My teacher said my Portuguese is doing really good.  I could be going straight to Brazil, or I'll be in the US for a few weeks and then go to Brazil.   But I'm definitely getting my visa fairly soon!   I'll write to you again soon!   Oh, yeah -  so my last name means dirt in Portuguese! SO  I'm gonna be Elder dirt in Brazil so that'll be interesting!   I'm glad everyone liked the letters. I wish I had more stuff to talk about but I spend every day just studying. I feel like I've really improved with the language a lot!  I'm enjoying the MTC and I loved all the cookies and brownies.  I ate so many!  My district was worried when I ate 6 of them in one day and each cookie has 400 calories of sugar.   I was wide awake all day and totally crashed at 10:30.  It was otimo!   Send me some questions if you have any and I'll respond later in the day! I'm all done being a zone leader so Im back to being a normal missionary.   On Wednesday we got a new district of missionaries and they're going to Cape Faraday; an Island off of Africa!   And they all speak Portuguese but it's with a weird accent!  f there are two s's next to each other they have to make a shhh sound when they pronounce words so its kind of hard to learn but they can do it!  I got to conduct traffic for the new missionaries!  I would park cars and tell them where to go and it was  a lot of fun!   The new missionaries are super excited to get out to the mission field.   So that was definitely the highlight of my week.   I'm going to host missionaries tomorrow.   So when they get dropped off I'll show them where their class is and where they eat and sleep, and it's gonna be awesome!   I'm glad you got my letters!   Seeing Elder Bednar again was fantastic and I learned a lot.   I have loved everymoment at the MTC and it is such a great experience, and I can't wait to get out to Brazil!   How crazy is it that I'm going to Brazil soon??!! The US would've been cool but getting out to Brazil right away is gonna be great!   I'll send you lot of pictures!   Eu prometo!! 

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