Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 3, 2014 - First pictures!

Here's my most recent questions for you:

1.  What kind of room do you live in?  You said since there are only 3 of you you each have your own bunk bead.  Is it a room meant for 2 people, 4, 6?  Is it a dorm?  Or do you have a small apartment type space with a kitchen, desk, etc.?

2.  What did you learn this week?  What's new?

3.  What's your favorite food there?  Do you eat 3 times a day?  I've heard missionaries gain weight there.  Have you eaten 17 burgers yet?  haha

4.  Are you able to open the emails from my i phone with the photos that I send?  I hope so.  This will be an easy way for me to keep you up to date on your family!

5.  What's  your favorite thing you get to do at the MTC?  

6.  Tell me what Sunday is like at the MTC.

Yea,  I got all your photos,  and I loved the Dear Elder letters  and the cinnamon rolls!   We have a room meant for 6 people,  and its just me and my one companion so we have lots of room!   

I learned more Portuguese.  I teach different investigators each week and my Portuguese has come a long way.  I'm working on conjugating different words. 

My favorite food is candy and I drank soda for every meal for the first 8 days.  It started making me sick so I switched to water.  

Sunday is the bomb!   I get to relax from all the Portuguese lessons and the only Portugese that I have to do is prepare a talk.  And if I'm called to give a talk in sacrament meeting then I'm prepared.  There's about 20 missionaries and 3 sisters  in our zone.  I'm the district leader so I'm in charge of meeting and making sure my district is getting along.  It's extremely easy since it's only me, my companion Elder Tensymer, and the three sisters.

 Food is a buffet for all three meals. Wednesday and Friday is all you can eat ice cream and on Friday night is pPapa Johns! 

My favorite thing to do is sleeping - everyday is so busy.  

 This is my first day at the MTC when we had four Elders in our room

 This is my current companion looking for candy in the ceilings.  There was a rumor from the previous missionaries so he investigated.  He's a lot like Blake!

 These are the Sisters in my district.  We have fun and they are the ones who decorated the Christmas tree.

 My favorite thing to do on Sunday is walk around the temple grounds.

 Taking a walk around the temple grounds.

 We decorated the Christmas tree!!

 Christmas lights at the MTC!

 This is my companion.  He drank 12 glasses of water at lunch.  I don't know why?!

 Utah mountains are so awesome!!!!

  This is my district.  The other Elder got his visa.  He was my first companion and kept me in line - haha.  But he always knew what was going on.  So now me and my new companion have to step it up!  On my P day I like to explore the book store and look around.  That's fun.  I go to the gym and I run 6 miles a week.  I have gym 50 minutes four times a week.  I also like to play Knockout - it's this basketball game.  Blake knows what it is.  I started the Book of Mormon challenge so I read it 30 minutes a day.  So that's all the type of stuff I do in my free time.

This is my zone.  These are all the missionaries who leave for Brazil the same time I do.  Eight of them are leaving in two weeks.

 Me desk!

We have three bunk beds in our room.  The one you are seeing is the one that I sleep on.  

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