Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14, 2014


It's week 4!  2 weeks to go -  time is going by fast!!  My visa is doing great I-  did an online application here at the MTC and now Im all set.   I could get my visa at any time!   My guess is I wont get it for a month or so but hey fingers crossed!  

 Alright next week I'll have an amazing picure of me with a name tag! 

My week this week was great! I had a great spiritual experience!  I was teaching an investigator with my companion all in Portuguese and we were teaching the importance of prayer and faith. Then I started to bear my testimony and I felt this cold shiver start in my chest and move down to my fingers.  Then I started saying random Portuguese words and when I talked with my teacher after the lesson he said that I spoke very well!   So the gift of toungues is very real and it was amazing to experience it.   I know that if you have enough faith anything is possible.   I'm not worried at all about learning the language now. I know that as long as I have faith I'll be able to speak the language, and I need to keep working very hard of course too!   But Im learning alot and I love it here at the MTC the spirt is so stong here! 

 Being a zone leader is awesome. I check up on the other districts and make sure they're not home sick and make sure that there's no fighting and that everyone is getting along.  So far everyone is and there are no issues.  The new district is doing a good job with the language.

 I didn't get Krispie Creams but I got a big thing of candy, two boxes,  and a large cinnamon roll with sparkling cider.  So me and my companion and the 3 sisters had a little party.  It also came with snow in a can and that stuff is weird! It was very sticky and gross but I had fun with it haha. 

I'm not allowed to leave the MTC and I'm starting to miss the real world. I get to see cars drive around on Sundays - haha but I spend almost all my time in a classroom studying nonstop.  

I've learned a lot of new vocabulary and I've had to learn a new sentence structure that's not in English called the subjunctive infinitive. The sentences sound weird if they were in English.  It would be me saying, "if you pray that you will get blessings."   Or,  "if you run that you will be healthy."   Weird right? 

The new missionaries are all Elders.  I got a package with letters from Sophie and those were super cute!  Today Im going to the temple so that'll be a cool experience!  I'm so glad that the temple opened up!  I'm sure you deserved a well earned break!  I'm glad you were able to get to the gym thats always fun. I 'm sure my eyes would hurt from all the pink!!   Yea, send me some pictures -  that'll be fun.  I'm going to send some letters either today or tomorrow.  I sent a letter yesterday so look for that!   Sundays are interesting -  I don't think I told you this but our Sacrament is done all in Portuguese!   We even sing in Portuguese!   I wrote a talk yesterday all about the Holy Ghost in Portuguese!   Where did Blake get lasers at?  Sounds like he's his normal crazy self!   Im sure Carter loves being the oldest now -  he's probably trying to act good so that should be interesting.   How did the water gun thing work out?   hahaha.   Mason sounds a lot like me I hated homework when I was his age!   Mom lectures are so much fun!   Haha he's probably going into with drawl since he can't have screens!   Hopefully he'll get better with his homework and stuff!   I can totally see him loosing control when you call the cat Tu-Tu.   I wonder who thought of that name? haha .  Thats good Sophie is doing so good in school - she's totally going to be in all advanced classes!  Hopefully she starts to not miss me so much after some more time passes by.  It's still weird to think I'm going to be gone for 2 years! I  miss being out in the world!  I'll be able to call home when I leave the MTC and I'm at the airport.   So you wont have to wait until mothers day to hear from me!   Well, everything is going great and I'll talk to you again soon!   Thanks for making a blog for me -  I know it cant be easy to correct all my spelling!!

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