Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More from December 27

One of the coolest things here at the MTC is the investigators.   They have return missionaries teach the languages and also act as investigators.   My companions and I taught an investigator named Pedro, and he acted as a 17 year old boy that he had taught on his mission.   He only speaks Portuguese the whole entire time.   My first lesson when horribly wrong since I didnt know any Portuguese,  and it was only my 3rd day being there;  but as the days went by my companions and I became better and better with the language.   I still got a long way to go but im getting the hang of it finally and can understand short phrases.   Like,  I'm good, how are you? , I'm tired,  I believe in, I know that, (things like that.)  "m just working on memorizing the short phrases so I can peice together bigger sentences.  

I got Pedro to set a date for baptism and pretty soon I'll be starting my next lesson with a new investigator.   

I saw your story of how Blake crawled through a nativity set and had to clean the gym -lol! 

Well I love you guys and I'll send in some pictures off one of the sister's camera in my district. 

I can call guys Elders and girls Sisters for two years so thats taking some getting used to as well.   Well if you have any more funny stories let me know!  I think I said this but I got all your packages and I sent a couple of real letters your way!

But yea, Christmas was awesome!  DId blake like the xbox one and was he able to set it up okay? I got your picture of Blake it was awesome! I'm so busy here im constantly doing stuff nonstop and by 10:30 i just pass right out.   SInce there's only three elders in my district right now we each have our own bunk bed.    Well I love you guys I'll talk to you again soon!

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