Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm going to Sacremento California!!!!   I report to the mission field on the 28th of January!   This is my last week at the MTC and today is my last temple day!   As a zone leader I just make sure everyone is getting along and going to bed on time.   Don't send me anymore packages cause I'll be gone -  wait until I give you my new address.   Portugese is going great! I  'm going to be totally lost but from what I've learned I can pick up the language fairly quickly and I can say short basic sentences so thats good.   I loved the photo copied animals!   I saw that you put dog treats on the copier that was pretty great!   How did you get the cat on there with out scratching the heck out of you?! I   got the cookies they were great!!   I ate all of them!   I didn't get any dictionaries yet but I'll probally get them soon  . I got Sophie's I love Austin card so that was way cute.   I got a much needed haircut so that felt great!   Glad Blake is going crazzy and doing good.  Looked like Kit's birthday was a hit!   I'm sure Ashley had fun with everyone there and I'm glad Mike got to see Bryce and Blake and that was probally alot of fun!!   But yeah, a great week!  I'm enjoying the MTC but Im glad to get out to the mission field.   On my first day in CA I'm probally going to be giving a Book of Mormon to handout to random people so that'll be interesting!!   Well,  I love you guys!   I'll write later tonight!   Give me Grandma and Grandpa Barrus' adress since I'll be close by!   Well Dad, I might be in your old neighborhood soon!  

This is my zone!

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