Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14 - bonus pictures and emails!

This was a bonus in my day!  Around 5:30 I got a "ping" that I received a new text.  Attached were these two pictures with the message, "Wonderful day at the temple!  We love you!!:)"  It was sent from an 801 number.  What was funny though was the text set off an immediate response from all the parents.  Somehow these kids managed to text photos out to all their parents.  We all went crazy with excitement - all within a minute!  We live to hear from our missionaries!   Here are our responses:

"Who is this?  I have not gotten this number programmed"
"Hey, that's my girl!  Thank you whoever you are:)"
"Thanks for the pics!"
"Thank you to whoever sent these!  I love seeing our missionaries!  Have a  great day everyone :-)

 Elder Barrus, Sister Bobelenyi, Sister Stevens, Sister Green, and Elder Tensmeyer

I also got a couple extra emails tonight.  One from Austin and  one from Sister Stevens.  She's too sweet.  

Yeah,  my camera works great thanks so much!  Just got your donuts -  thanks so much my district loves you! They were SO good I love you they were awesome! The snow in a can was alot of fun! 

Dear Mama Barrus,
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The donuts and cookies and goodies have been thoroughly appreciated and devoured rapidly. May God bless you for your kind heart and soul.
District A
Sisters Stevens, Bobelenyi, Green, and Elder Tensmeyer. And Elder Barrus.

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