Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 7

Thats crazzy how cold It is!   When I leave the state it acually gets cold! Thats crazzy it's in the negatives! It sounds too cold to go outside! 

Can You mail me The Book of Austin and make a copy of it?  It's by the Gamecube underneath the big tv in my room.

 My companion and I became zone leaders. It's pretty awesome and I'll get to welcome the new missionaries on Wednesday!  There will be 8 of them so that'll be fun!  

 Nothing to do with my visa everything is all set I had to re-do the online part but other than that everythings been going great.   DC is the fastest growing consolate so thats good news! 

The missionary support group? That sounds fun I'll have to give you some spiritual stories instead of dumb pranks that I've been doing!   I taped the Sisters belongings to the ceiling and I also got nasty air freshener and sprayed it in another districts room.   Then they got our district back :( So that was pretty funny!

 I'm doing great with the language - that's what my teacher told me so thats good.   I don't feel stressed out at all and I feel great here.  Its awesome here! 

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