Sunday, March 29, 2015

essa semana January 26, 2015

This week was awesome! We had a family home evening and we made a cake and played some card games.  We were working alot with a lady named Janete to help to get baptized but she was having problems with smoking and then later in the week she told us that she had stopped! Then when we went to visit her with the district leader for the interview she wasn´t there! So we called her and she told us that she had gone to a friends house! So we drove to the other end of the neighboorhood and the adress she gave us didn´t exist! The next day when we tried to take her to church we noticed there we boxes of cigaretes all over the floor! She had lied to us about not smoking so that was a little crazzy. And then she ended up not wanting to go to church so she was kinda crazzy. But we were able to find a person super awesome! Her name is Marlene, she had been taught by the other missionaries alot but had never been home so the other missionaries had stopped teaching her but we called her up and she told us that she wanted to be interview for the baptism so we went over and she passed the interview! She was bapitzed on Sunday and I confirmed her mom a member and gave her the gift of the holy ghost. Alan who we had baptized the last week went to church yesterday all by himself and arrived for the first hour he told us that he is liking church alot. This next weekend we are going to prepare him to recieve the aronic presthood. 

On Thursday we had interviews with the mission president and it is always very helpful to talk and listen to his council. He told me that my portugues is alot better haha, I still remember my first interview he talked in portugues and I would talk in English with a little bit of portugues! Then after the meeting we were able to receive our packages. I recieved 7 packages!! I almost died carrying all the packages to the bus station!! 

photo of the baptsim and another set of angel pig socks, yea they rock
Thanks also for all candy and chips and cheese sauce! I got the box from Grandma Lipton I imediatly ate one of the packages of mac and cheese that she sent me! Also I will be making lots of Tacos today! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma! Also thank you my lovly parents for sending me tons of candy!!! 

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