Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week was awesome, we started working in a neighboorhood I had never worked in before and we started teaching a guy named Lucas, he´s a friend of a member named Renato.  Renato is aweome he always buys a 2 liter coke when we go and teach lessons. We started teaching his friend Lucas and he accepted to be baptized for this next Sunday he´s super excited. He went to two activities in the church and then on Sunday he came with his friend Renato and liked it alot he already knows alot of people. Were going to visit him again on Tuesday. Also Gostavo one of my best friends in this area told me he wants to get baptized as well! He gone to church 8 times, we just never had the opportunity to teach him because he´s always working, we were able to teach him the first lesson last week and he like it alot because now he wants to get baptized! Were going to have a very special baptism meeting for them with cake and stuff after church if everything goes well, there will be two baptisms its going to be aweosme! 

Last week some interesting things that happend:
Got sick with a swollen throat
Took a picture with a drunk guy
Got yelled at by a drunk guy
Talked to a dog
Walked through the ghetto
Learned that rain in spanish is lluvia 
Ate rice and chicken two times in one day
Helped inactives move, and learned how to use a brazilian moving truck
Ate purple ice cream it was weird 

So that was my week hope you guys get some heat!

Austin Barrus

Mar 9

Haha I didn´t drive but I learned how to load and unload it and the trucks here are similar to the tractors we used when would go look for pumpkins. The front part is similar to a semi and the back part is similar to a tractor like thing when we would look for pumpkins it was strange

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