Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 16,2015

THis week was prety normal but we started working in a neighborhood called Princesa and we found alot of new investiagors. We started teaching some lessons there with a member called Renato he´s super awesome and always likes to work with us. He told us he had a friend named Lucas so we started teaching him and he had already been taught by missionarys one time but he told us they never returned and that he had waited for them but they never showed up. We invited him to pray and ask god if these things are true and he told us that he had received a powerful answer. He then started even going to seminary with the other members and liked it alot. He told us that he would change everything in his life to get baptized. This past sunday was an awesome day, we had his freind Gabriel baptize him and it was an awesome experience, I know that the two of them will help one another and they will stay strong in the gospel. He told us that he wants to serve a mission as well. Right now he has 18 years so in one more year if he feels ready he could serve a mission a little after I get home. Its amazing to see the differences in the lives of the people who accept the gospel. Many of the recent converts in this area that we were able to baptize are still active and going to church and are developing powerful testimonies. One meber named Luciano couldn´t move his shoulder after a surgery he told us that he had faith in god and that with time he would be able to  regain his strength, the doctors told him that for him to move his arm again would be impossible.
I visited him last week he could move his shoulder again. I know that through our faith miracles are real, sometimes they´re small  and we don´t realize them but in the long run those small miracles will make the final outcome. Know that faith without works is dead James 1:27
I know that before the second coming comes the lord is preparing his field and many people are learning and following the gospel. I know this gospel is true I´ve seen the good that it has brought to many people.
Have a wonderful week,
Elder Barrus 

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