Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week was awesome we went and visited Lucas who was baptized last week and told us he wants to serve a mission! We gave him a preach my Gospel and he started reading every day, we continued teaching Gostavo one of my best friends in this area we had him interviewed to be baptized he passed and was super excited to be baptized! He wants to wait until this Sunday because he wants his mom to see the baptism he´s 19 and also wants to serve a mission! I told him that at the end of my mission in more 8 months perhaps I can come back and visit he´s awesome and I´m going to miss this area alot. I saw powerful miracles that happened here and I gained a perfect knoledge of the truths of the gospel. I became endowed with a powerful testimony.

Before I arrived in this area, Carazinho I had gone 6 months with not much success, people couldn´t understand my portugues, people wouldn´t go to church, people didn´t accept us after the first lesson and I felt like I wasnt doing somthing right. I prayed for strengh that I could be better. I made a promise that if I went to a new area I would do all I could to serve and to help the people.

When I arrived in Carazinho the members told me that there was somthing different about me, that I was different that I had a powerful desire and a sincerity that hadn´t been seen for a long time. Many members told me that I was the nicest missionary that had ever enter Carazinho, I thought that the memers were strange but then I realized that I had been able to develop a christ like love for the people and my investigators I had learned to become closer to my savior.

Although I am far from the things of the world, from my family, I have been able to become closer to him, to Christ. I know that he has a great love for those who follow his gospel, I have seen him work miracles among mem, both phisical and spiritual. I´m thankful for the oputunity I had to serve and work here in Carazinho I know that I was sent here for a reason.

I will now be going to my next area, I was told that I will be a distict leader opening an area and training. I´m excited for my next designated assighnment, I know that I have many people to help in times ahead. Its going to be a great experience to train and to help my new set of missionaries. 

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Barrus 

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