Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 2, 2015

This week we were working alot with a reference that a member gave us. We worked with them alot and set with them a date to get baptized yesterday. They passed the interview but when we went to pick them up they told us that they would be recieving vistiors. So we talked with the bishop and were going to try to baptize them today or tomorrow so I hope we can talk with them and continue helping them. They are a super awesome family. 

With us only being the only missionaries in the area, we travel between two sides of the city. We started working in the other elders area and found a guy named Geovani he smokes a little bit but was already in the church alot and wants to get baptized so were going to try to have him go to church again this week! 

Saturday night we had been teaching lessons but the people were kinda dumb or didn´t really have alot of interest. So we were walking back to our appartment and found this guy named Luciano. He told us that he wants more happiness in his life and he liked the message about the restoration alot. The next day on sunday he came to church and said that he liked it alot!! He wants to get baptized this next Sunday, I hope that we can help him to stop smoking so that he can acheive his goal. 

I was studying alot about faith this week and learned in Moroni 10:22 that iniquity is created because of a lack of faith. 
In Helaman 5:12 when we build our foundation upon Christ we will have the strenght to overcome the weaknesses and temptaitions in our lives. I know that when we say simple prayers, go to church, and read the scripures we will build our foundation upon Christ and over come the many weaknesses we have.
Also we will have obedience in our lives when we have faith in the things that we will receive. 

Faith doesn´t make things easy it´s just what makes them possible- that was a quote that I liked alot about faith because it was somthing that I´ve applied every day on my mission. 

I love you guys! I hope that you will apply faith in your lives and I know many blessing will be coming your way! 

And this is how you open cheese sauce when you don´t have a can opener haha

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