Sunday, March 29, 2015

January 19, 2015

This week was awesome so me and Elder Farias made a goal to be super, super obedient to all the rules leaving the house at 11, doing exactling 30 minutes of exercizing to only one hour for lunch with members and it was super hard but we did it!  And many amazing things happened! The prievous week we found a guy named Alan who is 20 and was having a lot of problems with his house and had been praying for help. We found him and started teaching him and then we helped him rip apart his old house so that he could build a new one! And this next week if he wants more help we will help build him a new house so on the mission we definitely learn all kinds of things! He had been super sad and depressed before we had taught him and when we visited him on sunday he was smiling and super happy! It was great to see Alan as a living testimony of the miracles and the freedom of sin that come throught baptism! 

This week I was studying 3 Nephi 18 and I know that when we go to church and partake of the sacrement we can be strengthenee to overcome any tempation in our way and stay strong until the end. Mat. 10:18 

Saw a few :) 
Teaching this week a lady named Janete if she can stop smoking she will be baptized! 
We talked to 129 people this week, I was with 63 and my companion with 66
Somthing fun... I think it´s beem awhile since I´ve gone on an adventure 
Appartment is good no cockroaches and its a good size
I just live with my companion and its awesome its alot more quiet and we can focus alot more and its alot more easier to study
Haha thats funny you told everyone that you´re leaving and not coming back for awhile hahaha
Mason will be homeschooled? You got sick of all the dump projects?! Haha one more dog, dad will Love that! 
I have like 8 packages in the headquarters of the mission I have no idea how Im going to take all those packages back to my house! The zone leaders told me the presdent will be coming with mission supplies and Elder Barrus supplies haha I should get all the packages next week! Thanks for putting all the money in my account!! 

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