Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 9, 2015

ON monday we made tacos and I got to sleep a little bit

Tuesday we had a baptism of a couple. It was one of the most spirtual baptisms that I´ve had on my mission until now. The couple were friends of a member named Jair he was super happy as he saw his friends being baptized. It was deffiently a very special day! The husband Luciano told how he felt after the baptism and already has a very strong testimony. The wife Vanderlise said that her dream was that her husband and her would be  baptized together in a church. It hard to describe with words how happy the two of them were after the baptism.

Wednesday- We walked to a neighboorhood called Alvorada. Another man named Luciano who had gone to church the past week lives there and he told  us that he felt like he needed to keep going there and asked us to download hyms for him. I looked at my companion and I told him this guy is super elect he´s going to be baptized this weekend. Then we taught some people on his street. We found a family who told us they had received a book of mormon 15 years ago and that they had read it two times already! They prayed and recieved an ansewer but couldn´t go to church because they would be traveling. 

Thursday- we had our last district meeting for the transfer and it was the most spiritual meeting until now on my mission. Our district leader invited each of us to bear a testimony of what we had learned in our last six weeks and it was amazing to see and here of the experiences of the other missionaries. Then later that night we vistited a couple named Larica and Geovane they are super awsome and like the missionaries alot. Geovane was a member inactive but he started to go to church again. His wife, Larica we started teaching her about the book of mormon and she agreed to get baptized but they have to get married first! So we marked for Her to get baptized on the 22 of Feburary I hope it all goes well!

Friday- we got to eat in a restarant with a member so that was fun. Then we went to Alvorada and found some new people to teach. Then returned to the church and we grabbed some hot dogs. They were making hot dogs in the church to gain money for a camping trip so it was good to grab some food.

Saturday- the zone leaders came to our area to do interviews with Luciano. Luciano passed the interview and told us that he was super excited to be baptized! 

Sunday- we had a conference brodcasted in the chapel and it was cool to hear from President Wright and his wife they always give great speeches. THen we had the baptism of Luciano and I got to baptize him, the members were very excited and liked him alot. He already got assighned people to visit him so that was neat. I think he will help out the members and missionarys in this ward alot! 

This week was great and it was awesome to be able to find and teach so many wonderful people

Hope you guys have a great week!
-Elder Barrus 

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