Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015

Austin Barrus

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Im training an american, so now theres two americans walking on the streets of brazil. So I arrived in the area and the members here are super cool, we went on our first night to a family where the son had gotten baptized the week before and we ate a bunch of goose it was awesome. We arrived in the area opening the area, so we looked through the area book and found some people to teach but the other elders put the adresses of some of the people wrong! So we went up going to houses that didn´t exist... So we just started talking to everyone we saw and knocking lots of doors, we found and taught some cool people but none of them went to church so that was kind of sad. We found a guy who is a little crazzy and he accepted to get baptzied this week but we´ll see. We found a cool family last night,we taught them the first lesson and they accepted to pray and be baptized and then made us hotdogs so that was pretty sweet. 

Traing an american is hilarious, we messed around with him a bunch, we told him to say for one of the lunches `` eu estou gravido`` when he is full, but it really means `` I am pregnant`` haha so that was fun, I also told him that chimarrão that drink with the grass is crack and he freaked out cause everyone here drinks chimarrão so that pretty funny as well. His name is Elder RItter and he´s from Missouri, he already speaks Portuguese well, were going to do lots of practices this week to improve his teaching and were going to have an awesome transfer, its gonna be aweosme. 

As a distict leader I have to call all the sets of missionarys each Thursdayand Sunday to see how they are and collect numbers. Also every thursdaymorning I give a training about how to teach effectivly and set goals and show how to accomplish the goals. My district is compossed of three sets of missionarys, My companionship, and the other set that lives with us and a set of sisters. One of the sisters who is in my district was with me when we were in the mtc she´s going home in two more transfers which means that in two more transfers I´ll have a year and six months on the mission which is crazzy! 

IN our house we have to dogs that are always running around and there awesome its cool to see normal dogs and the ones that are covered in fleas, the area here is nicer its not as run downs as  some of the other parts where I was in Carazinho. I think until now on my mission Carazinho is my favorite area, it´s where I found alot of special familys and made powerful friendships. 

Today we´ll be going to the temple so that´ll be a fun experience. Were going to go into porto allegre and eat at the big shopping mall probally burger king or somthing I havn´t eaten burger king in a long time! Then we will get at the temple like 2 and then arrive in our area at like 7:30 and then go hangout with a member and teach a lesson. I didn´t have pday yesterday because our pday gets moved to the day that we go to the temple so today will be the day that I have pday so im tired its weird not having pday on a monday

Weird things that happened this week:
All the animals here have fleas
Got attacked by a cat during a lesson 
Got lost being lead around the area by a kid with 13 years old my first day in the area
Taugh an american to drink chimarrão
Eating goose made me sick 

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