Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 23, 2015

This week was awesome! Last week at church we had a girl named Jenifer who is 17, she liked church alot and we ended up baptizing her! She told us that she had alot of difficulties and problems but when she asked God if our message was true, she told us that she felt somthing she couldn´t explain that it was a warmth that she could feel in every once of her body pretty cool right? We explained about the holy ghost and she progressed I think faster than almost any other  investigator that I´ve had until now! Wow she was awesome! We had a great week and today were going to teach a great family, they recieved a book of mormon 15 years ago and were the first missionaries that had appeared their after, so I think now is the time for this family to progress. Were going to go and vistit them today and its gonna be awesome they have a daughter who is 16 and she loved when we taught them the other time so were going to make a cake and bring it to them to help break the ice a little bit its gonna be great! 

One night we were trying to sleep and we were hearing noises behind the dresser and we looked behind and we saw a nice family of cockroaches! So we stayed up until 2 in the morining cleaning the place and killing cockroaches and spiders!!

This week we were eating lunch with a family with alot of problems and they asked us to say a prayer for there family and on Sunday their oldest son was at church it was pretty sweet, then we started teaching the neice of Mario another investigator and she went to church also and it was great to see people having faith sufficient to follow the answers they´re receiveing. 
I know that it wasn´t a coincedence that I was sent here, I´ve had a great oppurtunity to find many great people here to help. Being here in Carazinho is awesome! 

Love you guys hope you have a great week and enjoy the snow!! 

Gostavo is on the left he´s gone to church like 4 times and is liking it alot! He´s awesome were going to visit him this Tuesday!
On the right is Julio we visit investigators with him and he´s helping us out alot! He´s one of my favorite membros here 

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